Sunday, October 07, 2007

Work for Year 11 - Thursday 11th October

Morning Year 11.
I'm not here, as I'm on my way to London (I hope) to speak at the Royal Geographical Society...
You are continuing with your TRANSPORT magazine today.
Need to work on the PROBLEM page, and the PROBLEMS are of course to do with TRANSPORT.

Need to produce some Q & A sections: Questions and Answers...

These need to tackle the following topics:

Transport problems: where, when and why they happen... Some possible SUSTAINABLE transport solutions What it means to be sustainable

As always, be creative...

You MUST make some progress today. We need to ensure that we have time to redo the Year 10 coursework bits to raise your marks...

If you're stuck, take a look at the following websites:
Department for Transport
Campaign for Better Transport

"The need for effective and efficient alternatives to the car has never been more urgent. You can play your part by giving your support to the Campaign for Better Transport"
Michael Palin, President, Campaign for Better Transport.

This is the new name for an organisation that used to be called TRANSPORT 2000.

Make sure that you have details from LEDC & MEDC locations


Anonymous said...

sir i cant complete my magazine question and answer page as i don't have publisher(i thought i could edit it on wordpad but i cant). and as im in greece on thursday, i cant do any then...
what is the due date for this work and would i be able to get a small extension(2 it lessons at the most)??????

GeoBlogs said...

Just use Word or even Powerpoint. As long as you produce some responses which fit the information on setting out coursework that's the main thing.
See me tomorrow if there's a problem.