Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Transport Magazine: all the news that's fit to print... Part 1

Here we go on the first piece of coursework.
A reminder first of all of the background against which we are going to apply the Assessment Objectives:
  • Identification and analysis of a clearly defined problem or issue concerning present transport use in at least one defined urban area.

  • A discussion of the possible solutions to alleviate the problem or solve the issue, including a full analysis of the impacts and evaluation of the extent to which these solutions are sustainable

  • Creative ideas for some aspects of the future of urban transport. This may be discussion of a general topic (such as solar powered cars) or exploration of an aspect of a particular urban area

  • All three may relate to one issue or location...

We have a focus then on SUSTAINABILITY, but also FUTURES.

We are going to use the context of a MAGAZINE.
This is going to have some of the features of magazines like COSMOPOLITAN, EVE or other lifestyle magazines.

The starting point is the cover. If you put magazine covers into Google, the first site that it brings up is one of my favourite sites of all: the BIG HUGE LABS site of John Watson.

Choose the MAGAZINE COVER option (don't get sidetracked by all the other interesting options - that means you Brent....) and get creative!

Need to source:
a) An image related to transport
b) Some possible 'stories' or 'content' which you can flag up in the tag lines and other lines

Don't forget to be CREATIVE, and try to cover all the points above.
You could use some other software if you prefer, but it makes sense to use the website to do all the formatting for you.

More to come...

Below are some of the examples that have been created so far, with thanks to Gemma, Aaron and ANON....


Rozey said...

hi sir just wondering if you could help me?
what was the name of the taffic solving idea inleed were you can only use the lane with two or more people per a car? and have you got a website for me what i could get some picture of it in action or even just other ways of reducing traffic in action. eg bus lanes etc.

thaks sir

GeoBlogs said...

Good to see you doing some Geography on a Friday night - me too!
The scheme was called a HOV lane:

This website is useful as it gives you an evaluation of how successful the scheme was.
Don't forget closer to home that all this week there has been an exhibition in the Vancouver Centre on the new Transport strategy:

Have a good weekend
Mister P