Tuesday, May 01, 2007


One for the teachers here.

Why not go to USEAMAP site and set up an editable map which you can then add annotations to as you explore the area with your students. They need to be brought up to speed on the sort of place that Gloucester is, and how it compares with THEIR PLACE (unless of course Gloucester IS their place... wonder if the examiners picked a place where nobody was doing the Pilot ?)

Here's THE MAP I MADETry it....


Anonymous said...

I have just added a 'Print Map' link for each map. This way a teacher can print the town road plan for a geography and hand it out to the class for example. If you have any other features that may help students, please let me know at vinny@useamap.com

Best Regards,
Vincent Glennon

GeoBlogs said...

Hi Vincent
Thanks for the new feature!
Will let you know how this goes once we start using the map with students.
Mister P