Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pre-Release Questions 41-45

These are the final questions !!
They are based on the final resource: Resource 18 from p.23

Photos of Environments: remember that we do the Extreme Polar Environment...
(If you can't remember that I give up...)

Q41) List 6 things that all 3 extreme environments have in common.
What makes an environment extreme ?

Q42) Which extreme environment have you studied ?

Q43) What do you think Svalbard will be like in the future ?

Q44) Name one city on Svalbard which we have looked at...


Don't forget to browse through Laurel's COLD PHOTO blog, and also past posts...

  • What is life like for people in this place ?
  • How do people in this place make a living ?
  • How is their way of life affected by the physical environment ?

Q45) How is the way of life of people in Svalbard being affected by changes from outside ?
What aspects of life in Svalbard are threatened by change ?

And that's it - I suggest you make sure that you have worked through ALL the questions and write the answers down in your book, or as a WORD document....

If you fail to prepare, you should prepare to fail.... (or at least get a lower grade...)


RoZeY said...

Hi ya sir how you doing.
Just poped in to tell you that my revision for the exam in just over 2 weeks is going great.
Just came on here as their is a question about Svelbard.
Hope your missing us.
Well hope to see you soon.
Oh year also to let you know that i am useing the blogspot that you have made to help us.
RoZeY X x X x X x X x

GeoBlogs said...

Good to see you here Michael !
Unfortunately you seem to be in a minority.
Glad to hear the revision is going well...
Mister P

Sam Major said...

Hi sir revison is going well and i hope the exam goes really well im hoping for a C or above

Anonymous said...

Hi sir

GeoBlogs said...

Good to hear you're confident Sam. Remember that the exam counts for one third of the marks, and coursework for two thirds, so there's still a way to go..
Good luck for Thursday !
Mister P