Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pre Release Questions 37 and 38

Data Collection
The next set of questions relate to a set of data that have been collected by a Year 10 group from Gloucester.

Look at the data on the questionnaire and pie charts and answer the following questions:

Approximately how many people were surveyed ?
Where/when did the survey take place ?
What do you know about the people who were surveyed ?
What was good / not so good about the questionnaire that was used ?

How reliable do you think the results of the survey were ?

Think about local shopping centres that we have...
Chapelfield, Norwich
Castle Mall, Norwich
Queensgate, Peterborough
Grafton Centre, Norwich

Find a website for these..
Imagine that you were going to be doing a shopping enquiry in one of these places as part of a Geography fieldtrip.

How could you collect data ?
How would you collect data ?
How could you show your results ?
How would you show your results ?
How could you present your results ?
How would you present your results ?

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aaron said...

Q37) Around 100 people were surveyed by the Y10 students, The survey took place in Gloucester Town Centre on a Friday Morning. From the data collected we can tell that lots of people who were surveyed were members of families as there was a high demand for 2/3 bedroom homes and that they want to live in a nice area like Longford but be nearer the shops like the docks...