Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pre Release Question 8

First of all a quick mention of some great coursework and fieldwork materials from Tony Cassidy. Some good examples of how to annotate photographs, and prepare hypotheses.Question 8

Q8) Which two age groups have the greatest number of people ?

A8) Look at the population pyramid and look for the bars that stick out the furthest. These are the highest numbers.
Remember that the age groups may also be referred to in the exam question as COHORTS.

Looking at the pyramid, which 2 age groups can you see as being the widest ?
Why not add a COMMENT with your answer so that I can see that you're reading the blog as requested.


Tony Cassidy said...

Hi Alan

I'll put up our fieldwork techniques support sheets over the break, which might be useful..

I've been reading through your pre-release posts, how are you tackling this? Have you devised questions around each of the resources?

I may find the answer as I carry on reading...

GeoBlogs said...

Have a booklet produced by a colleague covering all the resources and suggesting questions that could come up.
Also another resource from Pete Flaxman at Superhoops blog.