Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pre-Release materials (Cont.)

Hi everyone!
I hope KES Pilot students are reading as requested. You now have 2 MONTHS to go to the exam!
Remember that over 3 weeks of that are taken out by EXAMS, HALF TERM and WORK EXPERIENCE, and that you are going to have to do a lot of self-guided work (with the aid of the materials that we will give you, during your Work Experience time - and read a daily suggestion for some small task to do to familiarise yourself with the booklet...)
Thanks to Phil Wood for sending the materials that he had produced for 2005 and 2006. They form an excellent basis to work on for 2007 !

The year 10 work will contribute up to 50% towards your final mark, and it's important to get as many marks as possible (obviously!)
The other 50% should (theoretically) be easier to get, and this is why results on the Pilot GCSE have tended to be slightly higher than the more traditional specifications.

Remember that YOU have a part to play in the result too.
The PRIORITY for the next 2 weeks is to finish off and hand in the remaining coursework so that Mrs. Clarke and I can finish our marking and moderation and ensure that you get as much credit as possible for your hard work !

Good luck in the other Year 10 exams this week, but remember that the GEOGRAPHY exam in June is the REAL THING !!

Also check out Tony Cassidy's blog for an interesting MONOPOLY post, and some stuff on the Kent Earthquake (which also features on GeographyPages as you'd expect...)


Tony Cassidy said...

Good luck with the exam KES Geographers!

GeoBlogs said...

Thanks Mr. C !
If we do well, we'll partly have you to thank for the support and excellent additional resources.
Here's to some more collaboration in Year 11 !

Anonymous said...

Thanks tony