Friday, April 20, 2007

Consumer Landscapes

OK, so today we were looking at the results of the survey which you carried out (although there was little evidence of that from some of you I have to say...) over the Easter break.

This was to ask relatives of the changes that they had noticed in CONSUMER LANDSCAPES: in other words WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW people shop today compared to the past.
There are several different types of CONSUMER LANDSCAPE, which include:

  • the 'High Street' or CBD
  • Out of town shopping centres e.g. Bluewater, Lakeside, Meadowhall, Trafford Centre
  • Retail parks
  • Corner shops and village centres / shopping parades
  • Theme Parks / Resorts e.g. Center Parcs
I asked you for some of the general trends you had identified and they came out quite similar to the ones on THIS POST ON TONY CASSIDY's BLOG

Here are some random quotes from a survey:


So what are the changes that you have noticed:

BOGOF! (I only asked....)

King's Lynn - the fightback !!

King's Lynn Town Centre has just been redeveloped at a considerable cost. Was it worth the money ? Has it drawn people back into the town centre ? Did the lengthy construction cost cause people to try other places instead and then change their habits?

We are going to look at the differences between out of town centres and town centres.
Make sure that you can talk about the 'benefits' of places like Bluewater.
Check out THIS OTHER POST on Tony's blog.

Next week we are going to do the data collection for the final piece of coursework and (fingers crossed) the computers will work !

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Lee said...

What an interesting site. I'm always interested in plans/developments taking place in Lynn. I've also always defended it and realised the enormous potential this town has. I wish i had this kind of project when i was at school.