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Coursework Issues, and an example for you !

You are still taking too long to 'get on with' the task. Remember that there are differences in the way the Pilot works. You need to take more responsibility for your learning !
Here is one worked example of the coursework task for you.
You should NOT use this in your own coursework without some serious editing as this is MY idea and you shouldn't use other people's work in your work....

1. Choose an area of King's Lynn
2. Use one of the mapping sites referred to on the COURSEWORK TASK post and obtain a map...

Source of maps



http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk Get a Map service

http://www.virtualearth.com – better images for King’s Lynn than Google Earth – other areas may be different….

  • Pupils may be given choice over the area they choose but advise them that it should be large enough to allow them to present a range of ideas. Encourage pupils to focus on an area they know. They should focus on their home area, the area that they will have chosen and investigated in the early part of the course.
  • Map selection could be set as a private study task or could take place during a lesson in an IT room.
  • The selected map should be printed on A4 paper and may include a small aerial photo to complement the map.
3. I chose an area of King's Lynn © Crown Copyright 2007


Image produced from Ordnance Survey's Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey and
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

4. Paste this into WORD.
Then crop the image as appropriate.

5. Now add CALL OUTS to identify 3 to 5 (and I would recommend that you do 5 !!) places on the map.
Look at the bottom of the screen for AUTO SHAPES (if it's not there, you will need to do VIEW > TOOLBARS > DRAWING TOOLBAR

© Crown Copyright 2007


Image produced from Ordnance Survey's Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey and
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

You can locate the callouts so that they don't obscure detail on the map. The 'point' of the callout can be rotated and moved and stretched as appropriate by clicking on it first.
It can also be formatted to a particular colour, outline and even transparency (RIGHT CLICK ON THE box and choose FORMAT AUTOSHAPE, then use the SLIDER to make the box more or less transparent, so that the map details can be seen through the box)
You can also add images into the boxes, or as extra call outs - I would recommend that you use some digital images.
You should also research the area that you are changing and also the different ways that the ideas you come up with could be classed as SUSTAINABLE.

So, here's an idea that someone had:

"you could build a library here so that people can access the internet to make sure that they are choosing the most cost effective energy providers..."
OK, so you are proposing to build a new structure, which is going to have a huge impact on the area, extra cost, use of building materials, require heating and lighting etc...
Is there a way that you could make this idea more sustainable ?
  • Check that there is not already a library in the area (which there was in this instance...)
  • Could an existing building be reused for this purpose, or an area of the building converted to this purpose
  • Could there be a mobile vehicle (perhaps electrically powered, or LPG, or bio-fuelled) which could visit the area ?
So my idea is that at the end of the school day, the school library will then stay open until 7pm each weekday evening with free internet access and use of the school's reference materials for local studies. There will also be free basic courses on various aspects of subjects which will be put on by school staff, who will be paid for their time, to encourage local people to appreciate their home area and to encourage them to be healthy. For example:
- Food Technology: healthy eating
- History: local history in King's Lynn / genealogy research
- Geography: sustainability / the development of the Wash and Fens
- Maths : basic numeracy for parents / homework support
- English: basic literacy for parents / homework support - a look at the work of local authors and poets

So a library is a good idea as a way of meeting some of the LA21 items - remember that there are 13 basic statements


  1. uses resources efficiently and keeps waste to a minimum
  2. keeps pollution to a level which natural systems can cope with
  3. the diversity of nature is valued and protected
  4. meets local needs locally, where possible
  5. everyone has access to at least basic needs, such as good food, water, shelter and fuel at reasonable cost
  6. everyone has the opportunity to undertake satisfying work in a diverse economy
  7. people's good health is protected
  8. access to facilities, services, goods and other people are not achieved at the expense of the environment
  9. people are able to live without fear of personal violence from crime or persecution
  10. everyone has access to skills, knowledge and information
  11. all sections of the community have a real say in what happens in their area
  12. opportunities for culture, leisure and recreation are readily available to all
  13. the local distinctiveness and diversity of the area is valued and protected
Which ones would my library idea meet ?
Let's start filling in the table below:

Recommended change

Reasons why chosen for this area

Reasons why it is sustainable and why it supports LA 21

Ways in which it would benefit people and the Environment

Links to other ideas (annotated arrows?)


This area does not have access to a library already. There is a lack of information on economic choices.

The idea does not require the building of another structure. The existing school resource centre will stay open until 7pm on weekdays and offer FREE Internet access and run courses for local people.

LA1: It reduces the need to build a new structure and uses existing resources effectively.
LA4: Meets local needs locally - instead of travelling to another venue, people will be able to walk to KES and make use of the facilities - they will also be able to combine that with collecting children from school.
LA8: Access to services not at the expense of the environment.
LA10: People are able to have access to skills, knowledge and information.

This is where you would link to some of your other ideas...
Remember that ideally your ideas are INTEGRATED



Description of alternative future of the area if these changes were made.

This is where you have to think about the impact that your changes will have on the area..

Be creative - think about the Future !

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