Friday, December 01, 2006

ICT Acceptable Use Statement

Since we use ICT quite a lot in teaching the Pilot, I thought it was worth reminding you of some of the rules on Acceptable use of ICT while you're at KES.

ICT Acceptable Use Statement for Students

This statement is designed to protect students, staff and the school. The school computer system is made available to students for their educational use. Internet sites visited and emails sent and received are routinely monitored for offensive or inappropriate content. Students must sign the Home-School Agreement (which refers to this Acceptable Use Statement) before using the computer system.

· Students may only use the computer system when supervised by a member of staff

· Students may not eat or drink when they are using computers

· All computer use (including the use of the Internet or email) must be appropriate to the student’s education; recreational use is permitted only in the after-school ICT club

· Access may only be made via the student’s own authorised account and password; the password must not be made known to any other person

· The user is solely responsible for all activity within their own account and for reporting if they believe that someone else may know their password; the user must log off at the end of every session

· Users must not engage in any activity that attacks, corrupts or threatens the integrity of the school ICT systems or any other system or damage the hardware, furniture or mouse mats

· Users must not change, or attempt to change, the settings or system files, install new applications or enter the operating systems

· Users may only send and receive emails using the email address provided for them by the school; users are responsible for all e-mail sent and for contacts made that may result in e-mail being received

· Users must not enter into contractual agreements with other organisations

· Users must not give their own, or other any person’s, address, telephone or fax number to a third party

· Users must not use the computer system for personal gain, gambling, political purposes or advertising

· Users must not take information from the Internet or the computer system and pass it off as their own

· Copyright of materials must be respected

· Users must not post anonymous messages or forward chain letters

· Users must not use the network to access or store materials that are racist or violent, that have inappropriate sexual content or that could be deemed offensive or libellous

· Floppy disks may only be used once they have been virus-checked and signed by a Network Manager

· Users may only print with permission from a member of staff who has checked that it is appropriate to do so and that the correct printer has been selected; normally only one copy of a document may be printed

· Users must report any incident that breaches the Acceptable Use Statement to a member of staff

Hope that's clear...


[R]...[o]...[Z]...[e]...[Y] said...

whats this all about...?

GeoBlogs said...

Just something you're supposed to have signed and be aware of. It's in your student planners.