Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Consumers Lessons 1 & 2 - Ho Ho Ho !!

Coming on Thursday / Friday is the first of 2 lessons on Christmas as part of a sneak preview of the People as Consumers topic.
You will be looking at several resources.
a) Toys in China - read Michael Wolf's TOY STORY
b) Read the BBC News articles relating to the arrival of the huge EMMA MAERSK ship in November of this year, and the GUARDIAN article.
c) Read through the document you will be given about the debate between whether it is best to have a real or an artificial Christmas Tree.
d) How can you reduce the WASTE that goes on at Christmas.
Think about the following aspects of Christmas and how you could reduce their impact on the environment (and ultimately save money):
  • buying presents
  • wrapping presents
  • delivering presents
  • the Christmas turkey & trimmings
  • alcohol consumption
  • Christmas tree
  • TV viewing
  • unwanted gifts (that sweater from Granny...)
  • Christmas crackers
  • Christmas cards
e) Visit HOUSEBLINGER website. This has images of houses covered in Christmas lights (and is also a great name for a website) They have a page on Christmas Lights and reducing the effect on the ENVIRONMENT.
Is there a house near you covered in lights - why not send me a picture and I'll add it to the blog, or check out:
or this amusing BBC ARTICLE.

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