Friday, December 22, 2006

Arctic Futures

Thanks to Tony Cassidy for posting about this YouTube video, which I shall add a link to below, which shows how Philips are using the environment in their advertising for low energy lighting. Remember that this was a homework which I set you earlier in the term - and I didn't get many responses either (and also that you won't get to see this at school...) This could be one way to avoid the Arctic future which most of you wrote about in your Svalbard assignment.

This is an example of advertising which uses the environment.

Also been revisiting one of my favourite weblogs HOUTLUST, which looks at the use of advertising in social campaigns. The ENVIRONMENT section has some fabulous images from campaigns from around the world. The one below is from a Belgian campaign to reduce energy use, and could be a useful focus for work on People as Consumers.

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Tony Cassidy said...

Thought you'd like it, RSS feed working great in IE7, which I think I'm the only person who like.