Thursday, November 23, 2006

Woophy - a new site with Svalbard images...

Tony Cassidy's blog led me to the new discovery of a site called WOOPHY. It is a photo site where each month has a particular theme and people send images of the place where they live. There is quite a good coverage of the earth and a nice interface which allows students to explore the world on a range of scales, then zoom in and out with the mouse scroll wheel.Here. for example is an image of Svalbard, contributed by namstoop.
A posting on SLN led me to the GLACSWEB site, which has tracked the retreat of the Briksdalsbreen glacier in Norway. Some frightening images of retreat (or is this just the natural cycle of things ?) Check them out by clicking the link below.


Laurel said...

I'm currently spending one year working on a photography project studying cultures north of the Arctic circle. I fell in love with the Arctic after spending a summer studying little auks in Hornsund Fiord on Svalbard.

If you're interested in more Arctic photos, check out my blog ( I'm visiting northern Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia for my current work - in Greenland now, and will be moving to Longyearbyen in January.

Mister P said...

Hi Laurel
Great to hear from you! If it's OK, I'll add a post about your project. Would you be up for some questions from some of my students when you finally get to Longyearbyen ? There are quite a lot of Svalbard posts on the blog and I've been building some interesting contacts since I started this new project.
I will have to spend some time reading through your journey so far. Have to say I'm envious of the opportunity you have, but also very excited at the whole immediacy of this blog and the people you 'meet'. Stay warm!
Mister P