Monday, November 20, 2006

Starting off "My Place"

Well, it's been another one of those weeks.
I hope to get some time with Mrs. Clarke soon to mark your 500 words pieces. A reminder to add any final parts to the posters within the next week.

New resources arrived today from BP: an oil company. This particular product aims to tell you your Carbon footprint, a lot of which is created by your consumption of… guess which product ?

The CD ROM is well produced, and I went through the simple questionnaire which is aimed at telling students the size of their footprints, so that they can then be turned into a footprint for the class and for the school.

My carbon footprint was apparently 12 tonnes of Carbon dioxide per year, which is higher than the average for the UK of 9.85 tonnes per year. The majority of my CO2 comes from my cars, so I would appreciate a train line being opened from my home village to my place of work, or failing that any donations for a more environmentally friendly car will be gratefully received.

Any other suggestions for how I might reduce my footprint can be added as comments.

OK, so now we are looking at the topic of MY PLACE.

Which sites would give you the idea of what it means to be English or British, or East Anglian ? What images do you have when you think of England ? Are all those images positive ?

Do a GOOGLE image search for UNITED KINGDOM and see what comes out on the return.

You’ll find some interesting pictures which are not perhaps what you would expect.

A reminder that we are going to be doing a planning enquiry related to the future of King's Lynn in the next few months, and collecting some primary data - I'm looking forward to it - it will make a change for all those polar bears.

Speaking of penguins (which we weren't) there's a new film called "Happy Feet" about a tap dancing penguin and last weekend it took more money in the USA than the new James Bond film !

What would be your images of the UK if you were trying to represent them for a foreign visitor ?

Also recommend you check out Tony Cassidy's latest additions. His coursework piece sounds like an interesting way of approaching the exploration of Antarctica.

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