Thursday, November 30, 2006

So many maps - so little time !

There are lots of maps which can be produced.
A Mental Map is one which doesn't need paper, but which can be transferred onto other media.
A Mental Map is a map that we carry inside our heads. We all have different mental maps as have different life-experiences. These are our personal geographies.

Here is a description from Matt Rosenberg over at GEOGRAPHY.COM
I had a few e-mails from Matt some time ago about my GeoBlogs project.
"A person's perception of the world is known as a mental map. A mental map is an individual's own internal map of their known world.

Geographers like to learn about the mental maps of individuals and how they order the space around them. This can be investigated by asking for directions to a landmark or other location, by asking someone to draw a sketch map of an area or describe that area..."

All of you have a Mental Map of King's Lynn, which will be different to mine.

I also carry Mental Maps of the places I visit frequently, or not and know my way around. I have a reasonable mental map of these places: West Yorkshire, York, North Yorkshire Coast, Dundee, Leeds, Chester, Hull, Huddersfield etc. I have a very good mental map of these places: King's Lynn and West Norfolk, North Norfolk Coast, South Yorkshire: Sheffield, Rotherham area, Derbyshire Peak District, Isle of Skye, parts of Cornwall etc. - about "Making the invisible, visible"
/ led me to a very nice Google Maps mashup...
This allows you to compare the area of one place with another: for example, if a description of f rainforest clearance says "the size of Belgium" then how much is that when compared with the total area of forest in Brazil ? How big would Mexico City or Los Angeles be if placed in the UK ? If one edge of the city was in King's Lynn where would the opposite edge be ?
Now you can find out with MAP FRAPPE

Lots of other MASH UPS listed on this site too e.g. one which shows the currently Active VOLCANOES at

While we're on Google Maps, mashups, check out
This is a wonderful site which has had a relaunch recently. It covers the whole country and features the latest updates on roadworks and road closures for you to check before setting out on a journey. Avoid those jams !
Also check out the awesome FOTOLAND
This links FLICKR to Google Maps and gives you some stunning images.

And how about this one: IF THE EARTH WERE A SANDWICH - it shows you where you would emerge if you were one of the pieces of bread in a sandwich - where is the direct opposite place on the earth ? Here is the opposite side of the earth from King's Lynn - SE of New Zealand's South Island - so my friend Phil really does live on the other side of the world !
Enjoy exploring these map sites, and thanks to GOOGLEMAPSMANIA for the details.

And what about our place ?
King's Lynn will feature in the media on Friday as the Sky TV cameras descend on the Walks stadium for the FA Cup tie against Oldham. Come on you Linnets !
And we were on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares this week too.

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