Friday, November 10, 2006

Icons of England

When you think of England, what images come to mind ?
That's the sort of question that you will shortly be asked when it comes to the next unit of the course which is called MY PLACE.
Your place is of course King's Lynn and the surrounding area, and you need to relate this to the rest of the UK.
There is an excellent website: ICONS which has been established to try to identify the ICONS which best represent England. So far, several 'objects' have been voted in as being typically ENGLISH... They are listed on THIS PAGE

The site gives you a chance to vote for more icons to be added from the ones which have been nominated.
I put in a vote for the '99', the chip butty, the sandwich and the Remembrance Poppy. What would you vote for ??
There are also lesson plans, quizzes and good activities. I particularly like the 3D ANGEL OF THE NORTH fly around.

On a related note, Mr. Stone recently passed on information about his own birthplace: a small town called Ripley in Derbyshire. Actually, when I started teaching, many years ago now, I used to pass through there most mornings on the way to work. Apparently this place has recently been identified as the "most English place" in England. Mr. Stone no longer lives there...

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