Monday, November 27, 2006

Cold Photo Blog

I was recently contacted (via a comment on a blog posting) by Laurel McFadden, who is currently part of the way through a year long photography project funded by a grant available to students in the USA. Here is the background to the project.

Laurel McFadden, Pomona College
Life in the Midnight Sun and Polar Night: Images of Arctic Survival
Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia
My project involves a photographic examination of social and personal strength in a variety of cultures coping with the extremes of the Arctic. Through photographic imagery, I will document patterns of communication, tradition, emotion, and social interaction as I participate in each
community living through a stage of the Arctic seasons. The project will entail capturing and effectively sharing the experience of living in the Arctic, displaying not only my personal experiences but also the social patterns of communities working successfully in climatic extremes.

There are some fantastic images there already, and in January, Laurel moves to Longyearbyen on Svalbard where she will be documenting life there in the winter months.
Here are 2 earlier images from Canada: icebergs calving and a wonderful natural ice arch.Images courtesy of Laurel McFadden
For more pictures, check out the COLD PHOTO blog HERE, and I look forward to the Svalbard images in 2007.
Best of luck with the project Laurel !


Laurel said...


Thanks for including me in your blog! I'd be happy to answer any questions you or your students have, anytime. I've had the amazing opportunity to be involved in some very unique places. Glad you enjoy my blog - I make an effort for it to be both interesting and human. I am working on writing a book and am always happy to meet people interested in this field.

My email address is on my website if any of your students would like to get in touch.


Mister P said...

Hi Laurel
We'll be in touch once you get to Longyearbyen.
Have a good Christmas !
Mister P