Sunday, June 08, 2008

Using Resources 4,5 and 6

Image by iStockPhoto

Whose results are better: Simon or Purdeep's ?

  • Why are Purdeep's results not going to accurately represent the customer base at Broadmead ?
  • What other survey(s) could Purdeep have done to get over these problems ?
  • Suggest three other ways that the information that was collected could have been represented. Which method(s) would you prefer and why ?

Think about carrying out a similar investigation in the Vancouver Quarter in King's Lynn (as the town centre has now been 'rebranded'...)Image by Flickr user richgpz600, who also has some other great image sets in the King's Lynn area

You are going to find out how shoppers in the town feel about the new development (advantages and disadvantages) compared with going to a mall like Chapelfield or Castle Mall in Norwich, Grand Arcade in Cambridge or Queensgate in Peterborough.

What aims / hypotheses would you begin with ?
How would you collect data ?
What secondary sources might you use to support your primary findings ?
How would you present your results ?
How would you consider different target audiences for your report ? Who might these different audiences be ?

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