Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sustainable Transport: the start of the next stage of the course...

Transport is defined as:
The MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE AND GOODS from one place to another.

Sustainability: What is the definition of this term ?

Put them together, and you get Sustainable Transport

So how would you define it ?

Is the car a sustainable form of transport ?

If not, why not ?

1. Research the following methods of transport:

a) Rickshaw - where have they been used, and which cities have they

b) Light Rail

c) Guided bus - this has been planned for North of Cambridge

d) Maglev - a short section of track has been laid in Shanghai between the airport and the city - how fast can it travel ?

e) Tram - the example of Sheffield and its SUPERTRAM network should be looked at - what other cities in the UK also have tram networks ? - produce a map to show those towns and cities which have introduced a tram network

f) Community bus - is there a local community bus scheme ? what is it called ? how does it work ?

g) Car pooling

h) Velib - bicycle hire scheme in Paris

Provide an example of an actual place where each of these have been used, and how successful the project has been (also try to identify any costs, and other issues involved in setting up the scheme)

The BUS is a more SUSTAINABLE form of transport. Why ?

2. Think through the various stages involved in taking a bus journey – try to account for every stage in the journey. Produce this in the form of a flow chart. I will get you started on this...

3. Now try to think of the different problems that could occur at each of the stages, which might put people off using the bus as a form of transport. Remember that not everyone is able bodied and has all their senses working 100%

4. Now try to come up with a solution to the problem that would encourage people to keep using the bus

Where do the following fit into this ?

· Heavy rainfall

· Bus full by the time it gets to your stop

· Electronic information boards

· Kneeling bus

· Bus shelters

· Oyster cards

· Pre-payment tickets


Anonymous said...

I have researched that the Shanghei Maglev Train can reach the highest speed of 268mph!! This seems to fast!!?


GeoBlogs said...

That's the speed that it goes pretty much - over 400 km / h, but the track is only very short. If a full rail link was built from King's Lynn to King's Cross you could be in London in just over half an hour !
But it would cost billions of pounds...