Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Year 11 and Year 10 FINAL CALL !

Need the final work from you for portfolio by Friday at the absolute latest.

Final additions to tasks.
The FUGIS mapping for Year 10's

The MULTIMEDIA PIECES by Year 11 - a lot of you will lose a lot of marks without these - please make sure I have them...


Anonymous said...

i have been to see mr shaw on the schoo computers, ive tried my computer and several other of my dads friends over the past 2 weeks and NONE seem to be able to accept the format of video i have taken so i cant get it on to a dvd. i dont know what to do! i took it on a normal video camera they wont even work on movie maker and ive tried converting the files! ive been relying on this and im worrying ill lose marks if i just manuscript it or write about what i learnt. ive even tried videoing them from my computer on to my phone but you cant hear it! ive interviewed 6 people 9 questions about immigration and i was in my art exam thurday and friday so missed lessons, i dont know what i can do! please let me know, holly.

GeoBlogs said...

I can send the actual video tape off if necessary.
Write a description of what you did, and who you interviewed and a brief list of what was said.
A pity you left it to the last minute to tell me this - you'll need to see me tomorrow as the exam board need the marks sent to them.
We can sort something out if you bring ALL the materials to me first thing in the morning.