Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teacher Invaders

You will have seen me use several of Andrew Field's CONTENT GENERATOR creations in lessons this year: these FLASH based animations include HALF A MIN, and the PENALTY SHOOTOUT creator.
Andrew has just launched the FREE BETA of his latest TEACHER INVADERS game, which can even be uploaded to VLEs (KES is due to have a Virtual Learning Environment from September)

Tony has already created a quick 20 question quiz for his PILOT groups, so I had a go just now. Click the image below (borrowed from Tony - thanks!) to start the quiz. There are 28 questions which relate to the information in the pre-release booklet.

When you've finished, ADD A COMMENT, with your KNOWLEDGE PERCENTAGE, and your POINTS SCORE, or e-mail with a screenshot - first KES student to do this gets a special prize after half term.

And I hope you're reading these posts DANIELLE !


Adam said...

its hard!
i got 15%

GeoBlogs said...

OK, so have another look at your Pre-Release booklet, and try again in a day or so...

Anonymous said...

I have had a go and did okay on it, but I typed in "Ice Bergs" instead of "Ice Berg" and I kept getting them wrong thanks to my plural/singualar confusion :(

Josh Green

GeoBlogs said...

Now you know the plurals, you can have another go.