Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pre Release 2008

The first of a series of posts which will take you through the booklet ready for the exam.

There are 3 sections which relate to the 3 pieces of work that we did.

Where is Bristol ? What is Bristol ?
How is Bristol linked to the rest of the UK ?
What is Bristol like as a place to live in ? How does it compare with King's Lynn ?

PEOPLE AS CONSUMERS: the impact of our decisions
Why do people visit Cribb's Causeway ?
Where do they come from ?
What impact has the development of the mall had on the surrounding area, and the centre of Bristol ?
What fieldwork could YOU carry out to investigate opinions about the newly developed Vancouver Centre in King's Lynn ?
Why are so many of the products purchased in shops in the UK made in LEDCs ?
What is organic farming ?
Why do increasing numbers of consumers buy organic products ?
Who would you persuade people to pay a little extra to buy organic and/or Fairtrade products

Remember: organic and Fairtrade are not the same thing...

What is Fairtrade ?
How would you organise a Fairtrade campaign in school ?

What is Greenland ? Where is Greenland ?
What makes Greenland / Svalbard extreme ?
Why do Greenland / Svalbard inspire awe and wonder ?
How are the landscapes of the places similar ?
What are the challenges of working and living in Greenland ?
How do plants and animals survive in Greenland ?
How have physical processes changed the landscape in Greenland and Svalbard ?
How might Greenland change in the future ? (relate to the work that we did on the Future for Svalbard ?)


FUTURES: What is the future for the Arctic ?

UNEVEN DEVELOPMENT: How are the clothing / mobile phone factory similar / different ?

GLOBALISATION: How is the future of the Gwich'n people threatened by the oil industry ? What links people in the UK with products made in cheaper locations ?

INTERDEPENDENCE: How are we as consumers linked to other people / places in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world: particularly LESOTHO, GREENLAND and the places on the map in the centre of the booklet.

SUSTAINABLE: Is the Mall / Broadmead / Growth in Organic Farming / Fairtrade sustainable ?


Thanks once again to Penny Parry for the structure for this and future posts on the pre-release materials...

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