Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pre Release 2008 Post 1 - Work for Tuesday 13th

Flickr User: Joe Dunckley - kindly made available via Creative Commons
Development work at Broadmead Shopping Centre

This is the first of many posts relating to the Pre Release booklet for the Year 10 Pilot examination.

These will continue for the next 2 weeks of term, but crucially, through the half term holiday and the two weeks of WORK EXPERIENCE.
It is important that you come back at the end of Work Experience having done a short section of preparation each day...The first post relates to the FIRST PART of the booklet.
Look at the images above, which are of BROADMEAD shopping centre in Bristol.
This has just had a lot of money spent on it, perhaps to allow it to compete with CRIBBS CAUSEWAY: an Out of Town shopping centre.

Remember the old joke: If you've seen one out of town shopping centre, you've seen "a mall"....
(OK, so I had to explain it to some of you....)

COVER WORK FOR 13th MAY: Apologies for absence - I'm down at the Royal Geographical Society today, so it's for a good Geographical reason...

  1. How does Broadmead compare to the MALL ?
  2. Why did it need to be redeveloped ?
  3. Visit the BROADMEAD website and build up a comparison table between the 2 locations.
  4. How easy is it to get to each of the 2 locations ? - Use the DESTINATION BROADMEAD site.
  5. How have CBDs changed over the last decade ?
  6. Compare BROADMEAD with the new VANCOUVER SHOPPING CENTRE in King's Lynn - source 2 images of King's Lynn's new shops and annotate them as much as possible - paste them into powerpoint and use callouts to add the labels...
  7. Below is a picture of Norfolk Street (in King's Lynn) - how do the shops on this type of street differ from those in the very centre of town ? What has happened to the shops in this image in the last six months ?
  8. What changes would you expect to happen in this area in the future ?

Image by Flickr user Joseph McGarraghy

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