Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Big Fairtrade Adventure for Year 10

In last week's classroom lesson, we were looking at the similarities and differences between the two factories that were in the pre-release booklet: the textiles factory in Lesotho, and the Nokia mobile phone factory.
Tomorrow, we will be using a programme that was broadcast on Channel 4 a month or so back.
It's called "Our Big Fairtrade Adventure" and follows 3 students from a school in Oxfordshire who go to India to try to source an organic and fairtrade school uniform shirt.

We'll use some resources kindly produced by two of my online colleagues: Mr. Rayner's powerpoint, and Miss Walters' question paper, as well as the programme itself.
This will get us thinking about the conditions for the producers of products that we use everyday, and what we can do about it. It demonstrates the concept of INTERDEPENDENCE: that we are connected to people in other parts of the world by our actions, and also the idea of People as Consumers: what we choose to buy makes a difference to other people.

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