Thursday, May 01, 2008

Final additions for Year 11

Final additions - do you have all of these in the folder ?
We've been asking for these for some considerable time. Please make sure that we have them by the end of the week, as this weekend will be spent marking and preparing folders.

Contents page ?
Full definition of sustainability – linked to transport.
Some mention of recent problems with fuel prices, which are another reason for finding alternatives.
A map of King’s Lynn showing what you intend to do to sort out problem areas of the town.
Some examples from other places of attempts to make transport more sustainable ?
Acknowledgements of sources of information ?

Multicultural UK
Full definition of multicultural.
Some examples of what makes UK multicultural ?
Time line of previous arrivals of migrants ?
Reason behind recent arrivals ?
Your opinion, balanced with the 'good' and 'bad' outcomes
What might happen next ?

Full definition of globalisation ?
Explanation of global culture.
Printout of your cultural objects with an explanation of the task, and what geographical bias you noticed.
Some suggestions of where local culture is being replaced by global culture.
Some suggestions of where local culture is fighting back against global culture

Remember the wider definition of culture.

Multimedia Presentation
Dn't want to see any more random Google searching for images of King's Lynn - that isn't what I need at this point...
Need a contribution from you which demonstrates your view of a particular aspect of King's Lynn's cultural landscape, and an appreciation that you realise that not everyone will see the town in the same way: think of how some of these people might view the town: tourists, young people, homeless people, recent arrivals from Europe, old people who've lived in the town all their lives...
You have had 6 weeks to interview people, take images etc.

The Year 11 work is worth 50% of your mark...
Final chances now for honing your final submissions....

And finally:
Check your exercise book - is there anything that could be neatly cut out and incorporated into any of these above pieces as an appendix or supplementary sheet...

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