Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fairtrade, Cooperatives and Organic

Thanks to Tony C for providing the backbone for today's lesson, which referred to the final source, and followed on from the video we started to watch last week.
The final source is an ad for a company called HUG, who sell clothing which is "ethically traded".

Click the logo above to go to the HUG website...

A reminder that FAIRTRADE and ORGANIC are separate labels, but may be applied together in some situations.

Useful websites:

Question for the potential 'A' grade students (and others who are aiming high...)

Should air freighted food still be classed as organic ? Read the discussions HERE.

Examples of SOCIAL PREMIUMS from Fairtrade ?

The DUBBLE site has some more examples, and also some good FAIRTRADE resources.

  • Medical Care: paying for health worker, clinic etc.

  • Improving roads

  • Sinking a new well

  • Education: school building, resources, teachers

  • Access to radio broadcasts - wind up radios etc.

  • Solar powered storage for vaccines etc.

Also don't forget to book your activities for Activities Days Year 10.

Can I recommend Geo Earth Explorers on the Thursday. It's my favourite price: FREE.

You will have the chance to explore the Earth with Google Earth on the Interactive Whiteboards, and help produce some nice new display materials ready for September and the new school year.

We also finish nice and early - well, you don't want to overdo it just before the summer holiday do you ?

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