Friday, March 07, 2008

Gaywood Data Collection - Year 10

Here are a few images from our trip up to Gaywood today. It was a bit quiet today, but we managed to get hold of quite a few people - thankyou to those people who took a few seconds of their day to answer the questions, and to Mrs. Clarke for coming out with us. Well done to some of you for your tenacity, like Karolina chasing people across the car park...The Gaywood ClockCoral BookmakersOne sign of the multicultural nature of King's Lynn: this sign on the library door. (A useful one for Year 11 doing their Cultural Geography work !)Tesco Gaywood: what impact has it had on the local consumer landscape ?One of those 'punning' shop signs...
Gallianos: popular with KES students...

Bowers Butchers - can Tesco claim the same ?

Remember to carry on asking any adults the questionnaires, and collecting as much data as you can for next Tuesday's lesson in B1 - BRING THE QUESTIONNAIRES WITH YOU !!

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