Monday, March 10, 2008

Fieldwork Follow Up ready for Coursework - Year 10

Having collected some data last time, we now need to do some follow up work to bring together the final piece of coursework. As we have already explained, time is tight, and we need to finish this off before the end of term.
This lesson is important (aren't they all...)
You have a number of items to complete during this lesson:

1. Produce a summary of the answers that you obtained. If you did a CLOSED QUESTION, add up the total and turn it into percentages.
If you did an OPEN QUESTION, label the different responses that you received.

2. Produce at least 3 different types of diagrams to show the answers to 3 of the questions.
If you have an old version of EXCEL, you can use the CHART WIZARD.

3. Write a brief summary of what the diagram tells you about the results of that particular question

Here are the details from the COURSEWORK MARKING SHEETS that we will use when we mark your whole portfolio.

Primary Data Collection

Level 1 (0-1 marks)
Candidates can select and use a limited range of basic skills, approaches and techniques to collect primary data following precise instructions.
ICT information sources are used (non-selectively)

Level 2 (2-3 marks)
Candidates can select and use appropriate skills, approaches and techniques to collect primary data, with some guidance.
Opportunities for using ICT for collecting and recording data are recognised.

Level 3 (4-5 marks)
Candidates can select and use a wide range of skills, approaches and techniques to collect primary data with little guidance.
Able to make selective and appropriate use of ICT.

Need to produce a short piece of work which discusses the following question.

What are the patterns of consumption of people in Gaywood ?

Remember that by 'patterns of consumption', we need to answer the following sorts of questions:
  1. How do people get to the shops ?
  2. How often do people go to the shops ?
  3. Why do they go to particular shops ?
  4. What is the impact of the Tesco store which is in Gaywood on the surrounding small shops ?
  5. How far do consumers act on issues such as Organic, Food Miles etc.
Feel free to use the images that I have placed on the blog in an earlier post to add to your work.


You need to produce a printed fieldwork report (which could take the form of a powerpoint presentation) which has the following components:
1. A title page with an image (don't spend a lot of time on this)
2. A map to show where we went (can use an online mapping site: credit the source), and where you stood.
3. A description of the technique that we used to collect the data, and any issues that we found with collecting the data.
4. The data presentation section (which you hopefully completed earlier)
5. A conclusion which includes the answers to the questions above.

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