Sunday, February 03, 2008

Work for 10 Pilot AP group Tuesday 5th February

As I told you last week, the plan is for me to be at the University of East Anglia on their annual 6th Form conference with some students...

Today is the day when you prepare your 2nd piece of coursework for handing in.
Needs to have:
a) Annotated map to identify the area (map with labels of the 3 to 5 changes)
b) Pyramid showing before and after
c) A table which has details on the particular parts of Local Agenda 21 (those 13 statements I've gone through several times)

In the first lesson after half term, we will hand back your work on Svalbard for you to make any required changes.

If you are certain that you have finished...
You need to go to the Food Stories site (click the link or search for "Food Stories" and it's the first search hit)

Click LAUNCH INTERACTIVE then the GO apple to open the store cupboard.

You need to explore the section which is called Food, Nation and Cultural Identity
Listen to the clips and read the stories...

1. The government have suggested having a national day to celebrate ‘Britishness’. Imagine that you are responsible for organising a special meal for this event.

Outline your plan for the occasion, including details of the menu, where it would be held, music, decorations, guests etc…

What would you include to make it a celebration of ‘Britishness’

2. Think about the food served in your school canteen. Does the menu contain foods from lots of different cultures ?
Does it reflect the cultural diversity of your school ?
What is your opinion on this ?

3. Pick ten foods. Investigate the different origins of these foods.

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