Thursday, February 21, 2008

Global Culture - Year 11

Yes, with Year 11 we were once again indebted to Tony, whose Global Brand Quiz and powerpoint we were using today as a starter. Cheers once again Tony. My group did ask "do you ever do anything for Tony..." - of course !We discussed the idea that globalisation is leading to a global culture (or is it ?)
Once again we were indebted to Tony.
Are we heading for global culture ? What is the evidence for and against this ?What are the arguments for and against the development of a global culture ?

What is the evidence that a global culture (or it American cultural imperialism ? ) is developing ?

Is McDonalds really **** or not ?
You'll be doing some newspaper pieces this week...

Finally, you need to think about what contribution you are going to make to a multimedia piece on King's Lynn and its cultural diversity...

We will once again compare with other places: Liverpool and Nottingham in particular...

What culture do we have locally ?

Local bands
Local food
Local culture
Local religion
Local ethnic groups
Local celebrities
How do people in other parts of the country view us ?


Daniel stinton said...

the E.U wants us to get rid of OUR emergancy number for theres because some immergrants are to lasy to learn the number

GeoBlogs said...

When you say "the EU wants us..." are you sure that they actually do, or is this a rumour ?
Why else do you think they would like to standardise the emergency services number ?
Can you post the source of the information ?