Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Global Culture - England's National Dish....

Ask people what they think this is, and what will they say ?

Fish and Chips ?Image copyright Flickr user ordinary fool Creative Commons License

Roast Beef and Yorkshires ?
Image copyright Flickr user robbie jim Creative Commons License

Shepherd's Pie ?
Image copyright Flickr user kev walsh Creative Commons License

Chicken Tikka Masala ?Image copyright Flickr user Crashworks Creative Commons License

A "full English" ?Image copyright Flickr user Todo nada Creative Commons License

Wikipedia has a useful article on this idea with some suggestions for what the National Dishes might be.
Is it possible to narrow down a nation's cuisine to one 'signature' dish ? And don't national tastes develop in response to a whole range of outside influences anyway ?

Over to you...

And here's a useful 'listen' for you

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