Monday, January 28, 2008

Work for AP - Tuesday 29th January

OK, so this week I really am going to be away. This time, I'm going to Cambridge to discuss some Geography-related issues.
You have several things to do today....

1. Finish off your PYRAMID. See the earlier blog posts for the instructions on how to make it, or ask a reliable member of the group. The templates and A3 cards are on top of the unit in B3, and your books are in the box in the unit if you handed them in (or didn't collect them)

2. Print off and stick on any relevant images on your pyramid, particularly the map on the base.

3. Produce an annotated (labelled) map of the area that you intend to change - remember, not too big and not too small... A street, an area of derelict land etc., or if in doubt, choose the area immediately around the school as we can go out and get some pictures of this...

4. Decide on 3 to 5 changes (these should have gone on the outside of your pyramid)

Try to decide which of the 13 parts of Local Agenda 21 this particular plan is going to 'meet'...

e.g. If you decide that you are going to recycle waste, that will meet target number 1


  1. uses resources efficiently and keeps waste to a minimum
  2. keeps pollution to a level which natural systems can cope with
  3. the diversity of nature is valued and protected
  4. meets local needs locally, where possible
  5. everyone has access to at least basic needs, such as good food, water, shelter and fuel at reasonable cost
  6. everyone has the opportunity to undertake satisfying work in a diverse economy
  7. people's good health is protected
  8. access to facilities, services, goods and other people are not achieved at the expense of the environment
  9. people are able to live without fear of personal violence from crime or persecution
  10. everyone has access to skills, knowledge and information
  11. all sections of the community have a real say in what happens in their area
  12. opportunities for culture, leisure and recreation are readily available to all
  13. the local distinctiveness and diversity of the area is valued and protected
5. Produce a list of websites which have information about Sustainable developments.

6. Have a go at this - and add a comment to say how many you scored...

CLICK THE LINK and prepare to type in the names of as many countries as you can name in 5 minutes

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