Friday, January 25, 2008

Pyramids of Change

Today with Year 10 we were making pyramids.
The template we used came from the resource pack produced by Action for Sustainable Communities, which was handed out a conference I went to last year.
As well as a CD of images, there was a template / net for a pyramid, and I decided this would be a good way to plan your changes, and create a 3D element for your coursework portfolios...

We drew around the template, scored and cut out a pyramid net on thin card.

Each of the 4 sides of the pyramid was then going to represent one of the areas that we wanted to change about the particular area of MY PLACE that we were trying to make more sustainable.
Along the bottom of the pyramid ran a strip where we wrote the particular aspect of our area that we were hoping to change.
We then wrote down some names or added pictures to each face of the pyramid.

At the bottom was the existing situation 'BEFORE' and towards the top we put the 'AFTER': the more sustainable alternative that you have come up with...

And then on the bottom of the pyramid goes a map of the place that you are going to change, or some images.

Remember, try to be creative with this !!

Check out the MAKING PLACES pack (teacher bit...)

While re-visiting the ASC site for a bit more information and to find the relevant links for you I came across this exciting opportunity, which is called FUTURE VISION 08.
This gives students the chance to win up to £1000 for ideas on sustainable communities: the sort of thing that we are looking at !

What is a sustainable community?

Whether it's a city, town or village, a sustainable community is a place where people want to live, work and invest in. It has good homes, local shops, things to do and opportunities for young people to get a good education. It is…

  • A place where leaders manage the area well and local people have a say
  • A place that is environmentally friendly
  • A place with good transport links
  • A place with good public services that everyone can use
  • A place with a strong local culture and lots to do
  • A place that has a thriving local economy
  • A place with good quality buildings and public space
  • A place that is fair for everyone

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