Monday, January 28, 2008

Multicultural Britain - Year 11

So today we started to look at the key ideas relating to the idea of MULTICULTURAL Britain. Once again, we are indebted to Tony Cassidy for his excellent resources.
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We were looking at some key ideas relating to Multicultural Britain. Below are a few key slides for you with the key definitions. We also mentioned the work we are going to be doing.

Remember that this issue is not to be confused with illegal immigration. The UK has a long history of different cultures moving in and adding their ideas to the cultural mix. We will look later at the various culinary metaphors for how this can be described.

Do some research before the next lesson:

1. What would you consider to be the key elements of a multicultural society...
2. What do you think of Norman Tebbut's 'cricket team test' ?

Where do you sit on the continuum that we outlined ?

Remember that this is challenging stuff. This is not copying notes out of a textbook on how waterfalls are formed - it is REAL geography as it is all about changes in the places where you will spend your lives...

Add some posts to let me know that you are reading this and thinking about it !

What is the ethnic mix of the UK ? Visit this NATIONAL STATISTICS page to look at the UK and King's Lynn differences. How typical is King's Lynn of the UK ?

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