Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cultural Geography - Year 11

We are going to be starting this topic next week. In advance, you need to consider further what we talked about today - what is culture ? is culture related to class ? is culture affected by location / age / social status / what you can afford ?
Why do some people slob out in front of soaps and others slob out in front of Wagner's Ring Cycle ?

Are our parents important in determining what we like ? (or not like ?)

Do our tastes change as we get older ?

What culture have you been exposed to ?
Are you receptive to new cultural ideas or do you prefer the status quo (no, I don't mean the band...)

Are you a Culture Vulture ? or a Culture Hamster...

Check out the dedicated CULTCHA blog for more... Remember that all the content is not available at school due to filtering of YouTube / Flickr etc.

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