Saturday, January 26, 2008

Antarctica Blog and Teabags

'The qualities necessary to the explorer are, … in … order of importance: first, optimism; second, patience; third, physical endurance; fourth, idealism; fifth and last, courage'
Sir E. H. Shackleton, 1914

A new product on Tesco shelves I discovered today is Captain Scott's Strong Blend Tea bags, based on the Expedition Tea of 1910. Each box that is sold will generate a donation of 5p towards the fund for the restoration of the Scott huts in Antarctica.

They were used by Scott to overwinter and are in need of restoration. There is also a hut used by Shackleton's party.

While looking for a picture of the box of tea bags to put here, I came across the Antarctica Blog, which mentions them as well. Click the banner to visit.

Don't forget the exhibition that is currently on at the Natural History Museum as well...
And the 70South blog.

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