Monday, December 17, 2007

A Multicultural Christmas

Think of a 'typical' Christmas scene...
Family gathered around the table. Presents have been unwrapped, a decorated tree in the corner, a fire in the grate, the Queen's speech has just been on, and the turkey is about to be carved. There are christmas cards hanging on strings, and everyone is wearing a paper crown.

Does that describe your Christmas ?
Where did these customs come from that have combined to produce this cultural phenomenon ?
How English / British is Christmas ?

A useful Daily Telegraph article on how to escape the BRITISH CHRISTMAS.

Remember that there are actually a whole host of alternative Christmases. It is, after all, just another day, and in 9 days time, it'll be a year until Christmas.

Some people will be homeless.

CRISIS at Christmas supports people who find themselves homeless at Christmas.

In the 6th form each year, there is a collection of sugar: SILVER SPOON is best as any donations are then matched by British Sugar, for Crisis at Christmas and to help their work in the centres that they open in a number of cities over Christmas.

Upside down Christmas Tree: save space in your house this Christmas (available from B&Q and other retailers) This is a new designer idea which was featured in the paper this year, although I don't actually know anyone who has one. It seems to have originated in the USA.

Presents: largely manufactured in Chinese factories
What are this year's MUST HAVE toys ?

This site has been set up by a group of Americans who are wanting to 'keep their Children safe'...presumably following a range of toy recalls by Mattel. What do you think about the politics of such a site ? What alternatives are being suggested ? How do we know that these are any 'safer' ?

We're all familiar with the ideas of FOOD MILES. How far did your Christmas dinner travel ? (this is a seminal BBC article, which suggests a total distance of 30 000 miles)[;9

Why not carry out the BBCs SUSTAINABLE SHOPPING quiz. How many will you score ? I didn't do very well...

Music / Films / TV

A diet of Disney and Hollywood...

The Christmas Story - didn't happen in Slough did it..

Think about how many people actually have something completely unlike your Christmas: the billions in India and China, or on the beaches of Australia, or in the rural areas of Africa.
So your Christmas is atypical....

Merry Winterval !

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