Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Connections

Christmas Trees
Every year, for the last 61 years, a tree has been donated to London by the city of Oslo, Norway as a thankyou for the assistance given during the 2nd World War.
THIS SITE gives the details. Bergen gives a tree to Newcastle, and Stavanger gives one to Sunderland.

Recycling the tree

The tree will stay in Trafalgar Square until 4 January, just before the Twelfth Night of Christmas, when it will be taken down for recycling. The tree is chipped and composted, to make mulch.


We will eat over 10 million turkeys this Christmas

A fun site has been launched at UK TURKEYS. Some colouring in pictures for you to pass the time, and also some great jokes..

Q. Why was the turkey sent to the headmaster ?

A. Because he used some fowl language...

The site has a map for you to find your nearest turkey producer to cut down on the food miles. Gobble Gobble....

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