Friday, November 30, 2007

My Place Introduction for Year 10s

OK, today we thought about some images of the UK / England.

What are the differences between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and the British Isles.

OK, so today we were exploring the images that represent 'My Place': starting off with "Images of England (or Britain), then Images of East Anglia (or Norfolk) then Images of King's Lynn.
MY PLACE involves 4 of the 5 themes (FUGIS above)

There were some good ideas coming through, and we produced a Top 10 for the group of the images we thought best represent our place to people from other places, times or planets...

What about my own Top 10 ? Well, it would have to include Fish and Chips (Wikipedia image below was taken in Hunstanton - spooky!) - is this my pla(i)ce ? no., it's a cod....I'd also want to include something from Yorkshire, a pint of ale - Tim Taylor's Landlord for preference, sitting on Scarborough beach in a deckchair on a cold Bank Holiday perhaps...
What are your images of 'My Place' ? Why not add a comment below and explore the ICONS site for more.
Remember that the images don't have to be pictures. They could be:

  • the first lines of poems
  • the titles of books
  • songs
  • films
  • plants or flowers
  • sounds: leather on willow anyone ?
  • smells: freshly cut grass ?
  • items of clothing
  • seasonal events in the calendar
  • festivals or annual activities e.g. cheese rolling...
Think perhaps about what you would most miss if you went to live abroad ?
Then narrow the focus to your particular county, and then your particular town...

I recommend you visit the ICONS site. This site has been around for over a year and attempts to collate a list of the key icons of England.

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