Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 transport stories in the news....

1. St. Pancras re-opening: hundreds of millions of pounds spent on station and track to create the new international station. On Monday noticed the change in the tube train to mention "International services" from King's Cross St Pancras.

You MUST start to explore and research other people's views.
This is not difficult to do now that most newspapers have an online presence...

Here is an extract from a letter to the Independent from someone who lives in King's Lynn (not me)

"Most car journeys are under five miles and a large proportion under two miles. The best solution to our addiction to cars was invented more than 150 years ago: it's called a bicycle. The other part of the solution has been around even longer: walking. Perhaps the heart of the problem is that we've just become lazy. The solutions are not expensive: a reduction of the urban speed limit to 20mph or less, a reduction of town-centre car parking and perhaps a campaign of public ridicule for the idiot who drives two miles down the road in a toy lorry to collect his Independent"

What do you think of this person's comments ? Do you agree with their views ?

2. Differential payments

The basic idea here is that if you drive a larger car you should pay more for your car tax, but also any time where the size of the vehicle makes a difference, such as parking. This is an idea to be used in Norwich.
Do you think it will work ?
Is it fair ?

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