Thursday, October 18, 2007

Year 11 and Year 10 Evenings

The last 2 weeks have seen 2 Thursday evenings when staff have been available to present information to parents of KES pupils.
We have made available handouts relating to the Pilot GCSE.
Tonight will be the Year 11 evening.

Remember that the coursework has to be the key focus.
After half term we will be offering the opportunity to review coursework which was completed last year and improve it with a view to improving the grade. This has to be a situation where the students are PROACTIVE and see the benefit in doing it. The school will pay the exam fees, but the students have to put aside some time between now and Christmas to make the suggested changes. If we can see that sufficient improvements have been made, we will then be able to re-enter the portfolio of work, and hopefully see a higher grade than before.
Also keep checking this blog for more information.

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