Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Year 10 Coursework 2007

Below is the detail on TASK A


In this coursework you will be asked to consider how global warming and associated environmental change might affect Svalbard. You must apply your knowledge and understanding of this extreme environment and link it with what you know and understand of global warming to present your view of a possible future for Svalbard.

You will have one lesson and private study time for each of the following tasks.


Produce a concept map OR any other diagram of your choice/creation to show your full understanding of how global warming and environmental change might affect the extreme environment of Svalbard.

You must demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the current landscape, ecosystems, climate and human uses of Svalbard.

Follow the ‘Top Tips!’ below and the ideas over the page to help you create your diagram. Your diagram may be up to A3 size, with scope for going up to A2 if you really need to.

Top Tips!

  • Refer to specific places on Svalbard
  • Show how the different aspects of Svalbard and global warming are interconnected e.g. wildlife, landscape, people, buildings
  • Be creative!
  • Include appropriate detail to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding.
  • Use geographical vocabulary.
  • Try to describe (the aspects of Svalbard) and explain (how global warming might affect them).
  • Plan your diagram.
  • Keep your diagram organised on the page.
  • Be concise!
  • If you have taken information from a webpage you must credit the source by including the URL (i.e. http://www.svalbardstuffonglobalwarming.com)
Look for information on:

Evidence for global warming...
How will global warming affect the Arctic ?

Think about:


For example, how about this article on Greenland. Seal and chips anyone ?

Possible angles:
  • Polar Bears - why are they affected ?
  • Will farming be possible ?
  • Will all the ice really disappear ?
  • What will happen when the permafrost thaws ?
  • How will all this water which is created change the landscape or the oceans around Svalbard ?
  • Will some plants disappear but others appear ?
  • Will some animal species disappear but others appear ?
  • Is global warming DEFINITELY going to happen ?
  • What are some other possible futures ?

And here's some useful advice which we have given last year too, from the King Edward VI 5 Ways School in Birmingham...

How to make your coursework into an A*

Try to make your work match the descriptions below. This is what teachers will be looking for to award an A*!

Tick them as you achieve them. We will give you a printed copy of the sheet...


  • Show good knowledge and understanding of Svalbard.
  • Show you understand the concept of ‘possible futures’.
  • Give arguments to support your view of a possible future.
  • Present interconnected / linked ideas.
  • Make your interpretation of the future detailed.
  • Develop and show the complexity of your personal view, including how it will affect you
  • Justify your personal view.


  • Develop an appropriate technique to present your ideas.
  • Use particular skills to communicate your findings
  • Focus on clear communication to your intended audience.
  • Make sure that you communicate appropriate information

Remember that there are marks for the quality of your written communication. These are obtained by:

  • Presenting relevant information in a form that suits its purpose
  • Ensuring text is legible
  • Using a suitable structure and style of writing appropriate to the task

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