Monday, October 29, 2007

Future Transport Year 11

Future Transport

The third part of the coursework is related to creative ideas about the FUTURE of urban transport.

Today, we looked at the past development, which might give us some ideas about how transport might develop in the future.
What did people from the past think we might be travelling like in 2007 ??

Here's a CITY OF THE FUTURE FLICKR set (can't see this at school)

A great FLICKR set from 1910 showing "what life will be like in the year 2000"


- materials used and safety involved
- efficiency of engines
- material used for safety and car shell

Different Fuels

- Biofuels
- talked about difference in road tax paid by people depending on the car they own - should owners of larger cars pay more road tax (or even more...)

Increased capacity

- Airbus A380 first flight
- Articulated and bi-articulated buses
- Double-decker TGV trains

Increased networks

- more roads / motorways
- more railways (Beeching cuts - research what this involved if you need to find out more...)

Increased speed

- early vehicles moved at the speed of a horse
- what are the average speeds of traffic in London ?
- why manufacture vehicles which can travel at speeds that are illegal on the roads ?

Suitable websites for ideas
  1. Some manufacturers of cars are developing new engines - check the TOYOTA Hybrid Synergy Drive.
  2. What about HYDROGEN FUEL ?
  3. How about a SKYCAR ?
WIKIPEDIA has an interesting article

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