Monday, October 01, 2007

Environmental Issues in Europe Video for Year 11

We used a video which was produced for Scottish schools...
It looked at the Randstad: the 'ring city' which makes up a large part of the Netherlands, and has 4 cities making up the sections of the circle: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague and Utrecht. The cities are merging together, and in the middle is an area known as the 'GREEN HEART', which is shown below...

We looked at the issue of URBAN SPRAWL.
This is facilitated by TRANSPORT and CONGESTION.

This is threatening the green heart.
We also considered the issue of waste disposal, and discovered that incinerated waste is used to provide power for the trams and metro in Amsterdam.

You should have produced a magazine 'front cover' last time using the FLAGRANT DISREGARD magazine cover maker.
This is going to form the basis for our first piece of coursework with the magazine having a "PROBLEM PAGE", which will form the basis for our problems of transport details...

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