Thursday, September 13, 2007

Year 11 Transport Problems Research

"Urban populations are increasing at a rate three times faster than the total population of our planet. Associated with urbanisation is the growth in range and scale of urban transport. People need to move around easily in towns and cities in order to go about their work and daily lives. Yet many journeys for work, shopping or leisure activities contribute to environmental problems such as air pollution and resource depletion. This Option will assess whether more sustainable solutions to urban transport can be found and implemented to combat the drawbacks of traditional and less sustainable urban transport. Although this is an applied Option, it requires candidates to have a sound knowledge and understanding of key features of urban growth and change, so that this can be applied to the problem of investigating more sustainable transport solutions. The concept of sustainability is central to this Option and should be clearly understood before in-depth analysis of the topic. This Option should also provide opportunities for candidates to question their own attitudes towards urban transport in their own locality as well as to find out about urban transport and sustainability in other parts of the world."

Today we are going to produce a map of some of the problems in King's Lynn.
Obtain a map from an online mapping site. You should be familiar with some of the options by now...

Identification and analysis of a clearly defined problem or issue concerning present transport use in at least one defined urban area.

Read the blue writing above, which provides the background to the problem. Now look at the red writing which is the background to the first of our 3 short coursework pieces.

We are going to contrast King's Lynn and Norwich....

In Norwich, they are involved in something called CIVITAS SMILE.
You can search for more information on this.

You should have notes from last year on a number of key transport ideas.

Check THIS POST and make sure that you have completed the appropriate work before you start.

You should also create an e-portfolio slide to link to all your SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT work.

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