Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Year 11 starts tomorrow

You'll get the feedback from the exams tomorrow.
We will also continue with the work that we were doing on Transport, and also give you chance to get up to speed on the various new posts on the blog over the summer.

Hopefully we'll also get some feedback at some point from Pip, who visited Svalbard over the summer. Here's the card that he sent us...

We'll also get some Year 10s started on their Extreme journey.
Remember that whatever you got in Year 10, 50% of the marks are now completely reliant on you doing the coursework in the way that we tell you !
Best of luck..

There are also some new resources on Svalbard which have appeared at the GEOGRAPHYTEACHINGTODAY website.
We discussed some of these earlier in the year, but I will make some use of these with Year 10 groups. If you're reading this and are in Year 10, go HERE to have a look - some useful background materials on Svalbard...

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