Monday, September 10, 2007

Svalbard ICT Lesson 1

You will be using THIS EARLIER POST today

Start with POWERPOINT.
We are going to make an e-portfolio for the links and information that we collect. I'll show you how to do this....

Start using GOOGLE EARTH, and locate Svalbard. Do a screenshot and use this as the background to a title page, from which you will have links to other slides.
Create an icon which will be your link button...
This should be something appropriately icy...

1. Describe the location of Svalbard in relation to various other countries, and areas of open water.
2. Find some images of Svalbard from the blog, and add one to a slide in powerpoint and add some annotation
3. What would life be like here ?
Try to find some examples from people who have visited.
Includes some short passages to describe the place, and the source of the information:
"Svalbard experiences a polar night in winter when the capital Longyearbyen is in darkness for 110 days straight as the sun stays below the horizon, and midnight sun throughout the summer when the sun doesn’t sink below the horizon for 123 days. During the winter months (December), the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun as it orbits the sun and so receives less radiation. The North Pole has no sun for six months but places like Svalbard that are not quite so far North have a few months darkness with very short days either side. In the summer months (June) the Northern Hemisphere faces the sun and the North Pole has 24 hour daylight and Svalbard has a period of midnight sun."
Taken from

I will be labelling all the work that this Year's Year 10 group do as "Year 10 Svalbard" so that it is obvious which year group it relates to. Feel free to use all the resources from last year though....

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