Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Svalbard e-Portfolio

OK, so we've now had a lesson and a bit to add the framework for our e-portfolio.
We need so far to have a title slide and contents page, which then HYPERLINK to other slides containing the content. Put everything in one folder (and make a backup if you can with a flash drive...)

You should also have downloaded the PDF of the Svalbard brochure from SVALBARD.NET

At the top of the post are some images from Steve Johnston, who visited Svalbard in 2004 and 2006. These could be used as the BACKGROUNDS to your slides, or even made smaller and used as icons for Hyperlinks.

The additional enquiry question that we threw in today was:
"In what ways is Svalbard 'extreme' ?"
We need to start thinking about the landscape.

Homework task from today.
We are going to look at the EXTREMES of the world, and have a starter where you provide me with some records, perhaps from the Guinness Book of Records ?

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