Friday, September 28, 2007

Great Britons Competition

Thanks to Dan Ellison for pointing out a resource produced by MORGAN STANLEY based around the idea of Britishness.
There are resources to help explore, which would be useful for Citizenship or Pilot Geography "My Place" - some nice kinaesthetic ideas, and I always enjoy a free resource that someone else has made.

Students must choose a minimum of four elements they feel make up their Britishness. We suggest culture, religion, traditions, ethnicity, values, aspirations, ambitions, geography, languages and attitudes as options however students may create new elements if they wish. Students then form small groups around each of the elements. Each ingredient group is responsible for collecting information on that ingredient and forming it into a contribution for the charter. The class should then draw all of the information together into a Britishness Charter and give it a name. This can be a visual, digital or audio product. Potential ideas are a poster, collage, PowerPoint presentation or video.

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