Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fares please.... that'll be £3700 !!

How would you like to take a bus to Australia ?

Pic of Sydney Harbour Bridge by Flickr user tomhide

Would it be more sustainable than flying ?
We are always told that long haul flights are extremely damaging to the planet.
A colleague Mr. Dixon told me an amusing tale about the pilot of the plane that brought him back from his summer holidays.
He came over the tannoy and was apparently going on about how he and the co-pilot were "pedalling as fast as we can", and then said how much fuel the engines were using but "between the couple of hundred of us that doesn't work out quite as bad..." - did he have a point ?

Are there other ways of getting to Australia ?

How about MARK BEAUMONT, who we've mentioned before, who is cycling around the world ?

Too much effort...

The OZ-BUS set off last weekend (16th September), heading from London to Sydney.
We are going to do a little task on this trip, which has this itinerary...

London to Sydney is the ultimate overland adventure. In 12 weeks we cross from one side of the world to the other. Our route spans 20 countries and every type of landscape imaginable. From deserted beaches to rainforests, waterfalls to deserts, and medieval villages to futuristic cities.


Prague Vienna Budapest Transylvania Gallipoli Istanbul Turquoise Coast Bam Taj Mahal Corbett Tiger Reserve Kathmandu Mount Everest Bangkok Ko Samui Kuala Lumpur Sumatra Komodo East Timor Kakadu National park Ayers Rock Sydney

You will receive a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE, and also a set of weblinks.
The OzBus website provides lots of detail about the trip.

So how damaging is the bus compared to the flight ?

There are various carbon calculators for flights.

Some of the passengers are keeping BLOGS like this one during their journey.
Warning, some of these may contain fruity language so (don't*) read them...
*delete as appropriate

What's included ?
  • Services of your tour leaders
  • Use of OzBus expedition vehicle and equipment
  • Any vehicle related costs including mechanics, diesel and shipping
  • Ferry tickets
  • All meals while camping and/or travelling
  • All camping and hotel costs
  • Entry fees to any National Park that we visit as a group
Not Included
  • Visas
  • Personal spending money
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Border taxes
  • Meals Out/ in hotels
  • Entrance fees to optional sites and parks
  • Any optional extras
  • Any unforseen contingency route expenses
  • Any flights (expected – East Timor to Darwin)
  • Tents

These could add up to some substantial additional costs of course...

Below are the questions you'll be asked to complete.... or they will be soon...

1. What advantages are there to each method ? Construct a table...
The website of OZBUS suggests some of the positives of the journey by bus.

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